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We provide audit service through our audit practice, Russell Bedford James Ngai CPA Limited. Our audit approach is aimed at making an active contribution to our clients' businesses, as well as fulfilling our responsibility to report independently to the shareholders on the financial statements. We view the audit not just as an annual assignment, but as a continuous process, providing professional advice throughout the year and alerting our clients to potential business opportunities and financial problems.

We review and assess the internal controls of our clients' business, report on weaknesses and suggest practical recommendations for improvement. Our people are trained to manage the audit process with maximum efficiency and effectiveness and are committed to adding value beyond the basic audit opinion.

Examples of our Audit and Assurance services include:-

  • Fund Management: European-based Brokerage House in HK.
  • Food & Beverages: Established Restaurant Group in HK.
  • Garment Sourcing: US International Sourcing Group with Operations in HK and PRC.
  • Home and Office Furniture: US Multinational Corporations with operations in HK and PRC.
  • Internal Control and SOX Reviews
  • Foreign Bank: Internal Control Review for HK Branch.
  • Fashion Footwear: Internal Control Review for PRC subsidiary of HK Listed Fashion Group.
  • Quasi-Governmental Organisation: Externally appointed Internal Control Reviewer.
  • Manufacturer & Distributor: SOX Review for PRC subsidiary of US Multinational Corporation.

For enquiries of our Audit and Assurance services, please contact:
Mr. James NGAI (email: jamesngai@russellbedford.com.hk) or
Ms. HO Kit Man (email: kitmanho@russellbedford.com.hk).

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