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Russell Bedford Hong Kong
Room 1708 Dominion Centre
43-59 Queen's Road East
Wanchai, Hong Kong

T: (852) 2851-0260
F: (852) 2543-3343

Email: info@russellbedford.com.hk
Web: www.russellbedford.com.hk

Russell Bedford Guangzhou
Room 2411, Metro Plaza
183 Tian He Bei Road
Guangzhou 510075, P.R.C.

T: (86) 20 8755-3908
F: (86) 20 8755-3608

Russell Bedford Shanghai
Room 4012, Zhong Yi Building
No. 580 West Nan Jing Road
Shanghai 200041, P.R.C.

T: (86) 21 5228-9913
F: (86) 21 5228-9963


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