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Corporate and Compliance Services

For Listed Companies:

  • Advise and assist companies with reporting and compliance requirements of Listing Rules, Securities and Futures Ordinance and other relevant laws and regulations in Hong Kong
  • Advise on best practices of corporate governance standards
  • Advise on setting corporate governance policies and subsidiary governance framework
  • Assist in the implementation of corporate actions to ensure compliance with company’s constitutional documents and the local rules and regulations
  • Arrange and attend directors’, board committees’ and shareholders’ meetings
  • Prepare the minutes and corporate documents
  • Prepare and arrange statutory filings in compliance with local requirement
  • Provide directors’ training

For Private Companies:

  • Company formation
    • Assist in the incorporation of companies and branches in Hong Kong
    • Assist in the incorporation of overseas companies (including British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Samoa, Delaware, Seychelles, etc)
    • Assist in the registration of branches and representative office of overseas companies in Hong Kong

  • Ongoing maintenance
    • Act as named company secretary/ nominee shareholder
    • Act as designated representative in respect of significant controller register
    • Act as authorised representative of Hong Kong branches of non-Hong Kong companies
    • Provide registered office/ correspondence address
    • Prepare and arrange statutory filings in compliance with Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and other jurisdictions
    • Ensure proper maintenance and custody of statutory registers and records and common seals
    • Prepare minutes and resolutions of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings
    • Advise on on-going and ad hoc compliance requirements
    • Provide coordinated local and cross-border corporate compliance services
    • Renew business registration certificate
    • Conduct due diligence review on corporate and statutory records of Hong Kong companies
    • Assist in the opening of bank accounts

  • Corporate Restructuring
    • Provide comprehensive planning and implementation in Pre-IPO restructuring or corporate reorganisation (e.g. shares transfer, shares allotment, shares buy-back, etc)
    • Advise on inbound/outbound PRC investment structure
    • Prepare statutory documents for divestment

  • Dormant/ Dissolution/ Restoration
    • Assist in application for/ cessation of dormant status under Hong Kong Companies Ordinance
    • Assist in application for dissolution of Hong Kong companies by way of deregistration and liquidation
    • Assist in application for dissolution of overseas companies by liquidation
    • Assist in restoration of overseas companies

  • Estate and Succession Planning
    • Provide comprehensive asset transfer planning
    • Provide litigation support
    • Advise on pre-immigration planning

For enquiries of our Corporate and Compliance services, please contact:
Ms. Ophelia LO ( email: ophelialo@russellbedford.com.hk)

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